Bio – Jonathan Hickman

Having performed in function bands from an early age, Jon has a wealth of experience to draw on. He has played in swing bands, sung in choirs, fronted wedding function bands and still regularly composes music for a range of purposes.

After graduating with a BA in Creative Music Technology Jon began to merge this fantastic skill-set and eclectic taste in music into the smokey, soulful sound that can now be heard at weddings and private parties across the UK. With Jon’s act becoming more popular each year, Jon simply aims to continue delivering fantastic, high quality entertainment.

Hi I’m Jon

Welcome to the bio section of my website. I thought I’d make a page to tell you a little bit more about myself and my passion for music.

I always remember back when I was a kid, watching an episode of Ally McBeal and seeing Vonda Shepard playing a character who played the piano and sang at the bar, and thinking to myself, you know I would love to do that for a living! Every now and then whilst I’m playing at a wedding or an event, I think to myself how lucky I am that I ended up doing that job, and I love it! Growing up in Bishops Stortford, my main musical heroes were Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Norah Jones, and Eva Cassidy. There are too many other musical heroes to mention too, but I couldn’t forget to add to the list Ray Charles, Van Morrison, and James Taylor, Elton John… we could be here all night. I also enjoy listening to current chart hits and definitely have some guilty pleasures!

As well as playing at Weddings and Events around the country, I also write my own Music and compose for others. I can be hired for composition work through my production company Roudnote Music.

I have just released my first single, ‘Halfway Round The World’ that you should definitely check out and definitely purchase on iTunes! I am also currently working on some new tunes, so why not follow me on Twitter and watch this space!!

I also enjoy uploading some cover songs to my Youtube channel every once in a while, these are mostly chart hits, mixed in with a few classics! Why not drop by, leave a comment or suggest a song to two for me to cover! You can also keep up to date with the various things I get up to on my Instagram.

I think that’s enough about me. If you are interested in hiring me for an event, or want to work with me in any other way, send me an email on my contact page and tell me about you, and what it is you are looking for!

Hope to see you around,