Having played as a specialist Christmas act for the duration of his career, Jon has a Christmas repertoire that can easily stretch to two hours of pure christmas delight. Jon can also combine a selection of Christmas songs for your event with current non-christmas favourites, to ensure that you don’t get too much christmas, too early on in the season! The majority of Jon’s Christmas repertoire includes a mixture of upbeat modern Christmas songs (All I Want for Christmas), and jazzy favourites (White Christmas), along with a small selection of traditional Christmas Carols.

Inspirational ideas for Christmas…

Christmas Meal

Lets face it, a Christmas Dinner just isn’t quite a Christmas dinner without the festive Music we all know and love. But why not go that step further and have all those classics played and sung live at the piano by a talented Christmas performer? Perhaps you could go for 2 x 45 minute sets; the first one a bit more laid back and cosy as people enjoy their Turkey and Roast, and then the second set can liven up the night with some up-beat Christmas favourite such as Maria Careys ‘All I want for Christmas’ and Slades ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. You can guarantee that people will join in, and will be just in the most festive spirit. It is a Christmas dinner to remember!

Welcome Drinks

Imagine that your guests are dressed up and ready for their Christmas party, and upon arrival they are greeted with a glass of champaign and surprised by a live festive Christmas singer at the piano! Music and Christmas surely go hand in hand, and whether it is the upbeat ‘Santa Clause is Commin to Town’, or warm and cosy songs such as ‘The Christmas Song’, Jon has a vast Christmas repertoire that is perfectly festive. How about 2 x 45 minute sets of up-beat popular Christmas Classics as your guests arrive and have their welcome drinks?

Chill Room

Some larger Christmas parties such as Army events or Large corporate company parties will have various rooms at a venue. Why not create a chill out room for those of you who prefer quality drinks and conversation, or perhaps they want a break from the party. Jon can easily set up in the corner and then tailor the set to the audience, perhaps just chilled background Christmas charm, or maybe slightly more fun and upbeat!

Sing Along

Just a casual get together for some festive fun? Christmas Jumpers and mulled wine? If you already have a piano in your house Jon is completely happy to use yours, but if you don’t then he can bring his professional quality stage keyboard that sounds just like a real piano. Why not surprise guests with a mixture of cosy and fun Christmas songs performed by Jon, and then towards the end of the evening have a good old sing-along. Jon can help you plan this sing along and of course conduct the proceedings on the night whilst accompanying you all on the piano. The 12 days of Christmas, White Christmas, Jingle Bells, or perhaps a classic Hym, all great sing-alongs! After all, singing Christmas songs is surely one of the oldest and fun traditions there is!

Go all out!

Jon has played at many Christmas parties that have really pulled out all the stops. For an example, an outside Winter Wonderland drinks reception. In the past, this has meant that events have created a mini christmas garden, hired a snow machine, hired a white Baby Grand piano and White P.A. and surprised their guests with this magical combination of Christmas decor and live Christmas music. Jon really does have the Christmas repertoire and talent to pull this off, and it really is such a delight to witness the reaction that people have to live Christmas classics performed in such a memorable and authentic way.