Venue Entertainment

With a wealth of experience across a wide range of venues and business types, Jon can provide you with entertainment that really adds a special touch to your event. Jon plays for Valentines events, Summer Festivals, New Years Eve parties, Restaurant Openings, general Restaurant/Pub events, and even Garden Centre open days! Jon’s flexibility, experience, and astounding musicianship, combined with a vastly varied repertoire will ensure that his performance will truly add something special to your event.

Inspirational ideas for Venue Entertainment…

Valentines Dinner

If you want your restaurant to provide an extra special reason for guests to dine with you this Valentines, look no further. What could be better than hiring a professional Wedding Singer to perform the most romantic repertoire that he has, whilst the guests enjoy your food and ambience. Jon plays at Valentines events every year, and for the rest of the year, he plays at a large amount of weddings and parties. Jon’s experience ensures that the performance takes your breath away, yet does not intrude on conversation. This ensures that the levels of the performance are just right. Jon’s Equipment also takes up the bare minimum of space, ensuring that you probably don’t have to clear away any tables! How about 3 x 40 minute sets, this should cover your evening, allowing for all diners to spend some time enjoying the music!

Venue/Pub Events

Looking for ideas to spice up your venue and provide something different for a special event? How about a Summer Garden Party with live music? Jon can play songs from his modern repertoire and turn your event into a mini festival. People love being around live music in the summer, and they especially love it when they can join in and sing/dance along. Jon’s piano and vocals can be quite upbeat for this, but he can also throw in the occasional ‘smoocher’, you can guarantee there will be a slow-dance or two!

Venue Opening

If you have invited guests to your grand venue opening, the chances are that you want to show that you mean business, and that you know how to entertain.

Having a solo act perform that can sing at play at the same time, such as Jon, means that you can have a fully formed live music act, without having to squeeze a full band into you venue. Jon also performs a variety of styles, so you could have stylish Jazz with all the old crooner favorites, or a ‘live lounge’ modern feel, or a mixture of everything! Jon’s flexibility means that he is perfect for a drinks reception, main meal, or even the after party! You can guarantee that this will impress your guests, as well as be an ice-breaker for the conversation.